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Easy identification of electrical installations is an important part of a safe and well-functioning building.

Ever used labels for marking installations?

Well, then you might know what hassle it is...

Today, the identification task is solved by using labels for marking, on sockets, lamp sockets, along wires and at branching points.

Making sure that markings are in the correct spot, and up-to-date, is crucial for maintaining an electrical installation. Without it, it can be very hard to diagnose when problems arise.

Using labels means risking that the marking is wrong, since it’s applied by humans. And, when the adhesive wears out, and the label falls off – what do you do?


Let your installation do the talking...

With Simplewire’s patented digital system, labels and markings won’t be needed anymore.

With our system installed at the breaker board, all wires and outlets can be scanned using our wireless reader.

In record time, and without the risk of errors, your installation is 100% mapped. And you never have to lift a finger...


Our contribution to the environment

In Europe throw out 1.000.000 metric tons of cables on a yearly basis. These cables primarily come from buildings with old electric installations where the building owner completely has lost the overview. Because of this, they often chose to tear out all cables and electric material to replace it. Not only is this very expensive, but it also has a big toll on the environment. 

With Simplewire, the building owner could resurrect his old installations and regain complete overview of them, saving him as well as the environment a lot of troubles. 



“At Copenhagen Airport, we have a complex low-voltage network with many kilometers of cable and strict marking requirements. With their product, Simplewire introduces a smart way to keep track of electrical installation. We see, in our technical department, a great potential in Simplewire’s digital branding and will certainly follow their product development.”
Claus Ancher Vantore

Claus Ancher Vantore

Asset Manager - Power supply
CPH Airport
“At Tivoli, we have a strong focus on uptime of our electrical installations. We are always interested in improving, simplifying and clarifying our installations so that troubleshooting can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Especially on the stages and halls, which are dependent on power for their stage technical equipment during the performances, it is important that we do not experience supply failure, for example due to unintentional disconnection of RCD relays.

With the help of equipment such as Simplewire, we will be able to map the old installations, and thus be able to increase the focus on the separation of critical and non-critical equipment and thus avoid downtime. We look forward to using the equipment and achieving even better uptime and mapping of our installations.”
Bjørn Grønbæk Jacobsen

Bjørn Grønbæk Jacobsen

Senior supervisor, Power and lights, Technical service
“The way electrical installations are noticed today is a heavy, slow and manual process, which requires very structured and detail-oriented electricians.
This most often results in marking errors and omissions, which end in conflicts, as error correction of this can be very time consuming and expensive to perform on the back end.

With Simplewire's solution, we will be able to remove this headache and risk from the projects, and be able to get a better product and avoid a lot of conflicts.”
Dennis Huusfelt

Dennis Huusfelt

Head of electrical & senior executive consultant

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