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Simplewire raises 5M DKK!

We are more than thrilled to announce that Simplewire just got funded by a small crowd of investors along with funding from Christian Nielsen Fonden (ejet af Strandmøllen A/S) and a 1.5M DKK loan from Vækstfonden. 🍾🥂

This means that we can now focus on reaching our goal, of becoming the go-to solution for tagging electrical installations in buildings. Faster, safer and better than ever before, tagging all your electrical installations digitally, with 100% accuracy, within hours. 🎯


Big thanks to our lead investor Christian Emborg for making the process enjoyable and full of new insights. And big thanks to the rest of our new family members for believing in us:
Nicolai Plannthin Stubkjaer, (Steffen W. Frølund, Vincens Riber Mink, Mikael Bondum), Aviva Steinbock, Axel Andreas Beck, Jeppe Frandsen, Lise Engelbrecht, Bo Svendsen-Tune, Mette Svendsen-Tune, Daniel Kenji Hildebrandt, Jan Dall Christensen and Lars Brinch Jørgensen.

Since February we’ve been searching for the right team of investors, based on the following criteria:

🧠 EXPERIENCE in either sales, finances, company growth or simply running a hardware start-up.

💪 MOTIVATION to put in the effort needed to propel the company forward.

and most importantly...

❤️ CHEMISTRY. All of the investors have passed the most important test: Would we enjoy having a beer (or non-alcoholic beverage) with them? 🍻 Any day of the week.

The investment will be spent on increasing our sales efforts and ramping up our production, because the customers are waiting, and it’s about time we show them what we got 👊!

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